TONI SEELOS Juming Hills


The two jumping hills offer up to 50 athletes at the same time the best training opportunities and are in operation from about the beginning of December to mid-March.

Students of the Stams Sports High School, the Tyrolean Ski Association, ÖSV top athletes, clubs and national teams from home and abroad train here every day.

On the two jumping hills also some competitions take place, with the World Cup "Nordic Combined Triple" as the absolute season highlight.

Toni Seelos Jumping Hill HS 109

109 meters
metersgradient of jump:
34 degrees
length of jump:
91,36 meters
length of skijump table:
6,42 meters
height of skijump table:
length of runout:
79 meters

Toni Seelos Jumping Hill HS 75
Winterfoto von den zwei Seefeld Schanzen

75 meters
K- Width:
67,88 meters
gradient of jump:
30 degrees
length of jump:
96,61 meters
length of skijump table:
6 meters
height of skijump table:
1,70 meters
length of runout:
72 meters

Training slots

Training from Monday - Friday:

Slot 1: 09:00-10:30 a.m.
Slot 2: 10:30-12:00 a.m
Slot 3: 12:00-01:30 p.m
Slot 4: 01:30-03:00 p.m
Slot 5: 03:00-04:30 p.m
Slot 6: 04:30-06:00 (Tuesday and Thursday with floodlight)
The number of athletes per session is coach dependent - up to a maximum of 30.

Training on Saturday and Sunday:

Only on request and for larger groups.

Halfday ticket1,5 hours€ 18,-           
Fullday ticket3,0 hours€ 30,-


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Gewinner über die Ziellienie
World Cup

Nordic Combined Triple

From February 02 to 04, 2024, the cross-country trails and the Toni Seelos ski jump will once again belong to the Nordic combined athletes. For the eleventh time, the "Nordic Combined Triple" will take place here, a competition over three days for the men. The women will race for the second time on Friday and Saturday in Seefeld.